Manor of 18th Century in Edinburgh

Abundant and timely reward--top choice for conference and holiday events

Offer over:£1,250,000

Firth House is understood to date from around 1770. It is thought to have originally been built as a dower house for the Inglis family whose seat was nearby Auchendinny House. The house faces south west but with full appreciation of the stunning outlook to the north and east. It is constructed of stone under a hipped slate roof. The west wing, built in a complementary style, was added at a later date.

  1. The policies surrounding Firth House extend to about 31 acres in all. To the front of the house is a large circular lawn with a raised croquet lawn, enclosed by the gravel turning circle. With the location and the view of the Arthur's Seat, this place is perfect for business tours and holiday event, indicative of huge potential  for appreciation;
  2. Sufficient for accommodation for 20 people and feast for 100 people;
  3. The whole property renting for business conferences or holiday events enables an annual income of approximate 330,000 pounds;
  4. Providing accommodation for tourism agencies and local institutions would bring an annual income of about 80,000 pounds;
  5. The profit from wedding events, honeymoon photographing and movie shooting can reach around 65,000 pounds per year;
  6. Daily mending cost is around 65,000 pounds every year;
  7. Apart from owning the manor and the land, the owner can have extra income at around 410,000 pounds every year.

This is an ideal place for outdoor activities, the manor could be equipped with gardens, fountains, archery field, BBQ, children's playground, fishing port, golf driving range and helicopter parking apron etc.

The equipment indoors is also sufficient: 6 bedrooms, meeting room, wine cellar, swimming pool, gym, cigar room, glass room etc, perfect for any requirement during business or holiday events.

Gorgeous classical manor and elegant forest surrounding it are perfectly consistent with romantic wedding, promo, film and other shooting needs.

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