About Us

UUCL is one of the leading companies in international business between Britain and Asia-Pacific. UUCL has a unique portfolio of professional services. The company is active in four different areas:

International Project Management

Estate Investment Management

Antiques Trade

Holiday and Tour Events

UUCL was formed in 2005 in the United Kingdom and has since enjoyed a strong and steady growth. Today UUCL- based in the UK-has developed its business with many organisations and individuals in France, The Netherlands, Germany, United States of America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Japan etc. As a result of its success and prestigious services to companies and individuals internationally, It has a worldwide client portfolio.

The UUCL Spirit:

Creativity and differentiation

The company is determined to nurture and grow creative resources. Creativity and differentiation has always been valued and makes the company in a leading position in the industry. It is the foundation of its long-term success.

Professionalism and excellence

The company pay the close attention to every detail and strive to be the best in all they do. All services are delivered with sophisticated and professional approach, which fosters efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness, consequently utter perfection.

UUCL, Catchpell House Business Centre, Bernard Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6SP, UK
Registered in UK, Company No. 5465940,