Antique Tour

 Experience one of our antique exploring tours – you will love and appreciate the depth and insight of the world’s antique culture in our trips.  You will be guided to some antiques stores in remote villages and local auctions where few outsiders have ever heard of.  Not only can you immerse yourself in remarkable western and eastern antiques of all styles and price ranges, but also explore typical British auction culture. In addition, what you bid might be a valuable treasure if you are lucky. And when you have done shopping and bidding, we will ship your treasures home safely!


Sample Itinerary:

Four-day antique tour in London or Edinburgh

Day 1: Pick up in London or Edinburgh airport and transfer to hotel

Day 2: 9:00-12:00 noon, shopping in some antique stores,

            1pm-5pm, viewing in an antique auction

Day 3: 10:00-16:00, attending the antique auction

Day 4: Shopping in a local antique fair in the morning and transfer to the airport in the afternoon

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