Aristocracy Leisure ThemeTours


UUCL Aristocracy Leisure Tours consist of three main themes:

1. Highland sports (special outdoor sports including stalking, cruise near the Isle of Skye, sea fishing, horse riding etc.)

2. Golf (playing at the 'Home of Golf', St Andrews)

3. Aristocracy Experience (castle, manors, whisky, business investment)

Our aristocracy leisure tours support any combinations among these themes, which each takes around 1 week time, based on our customers' need. These tours will not only take you to the world’s famous Old Course at St. Andrews but also provide you with fabulous accommodation at the exclusive Glenmorangie House & the Old Course Hotel. The “Home of Golf”, St Andrews, has seen many epic Open Championships and memorable tournaments and has become the undisputed international Mecca for golfers around the world. The Glenmorangie House, birth place of the famous Glenmorangie Whisky, maintains its tradition of being a holiday resort for British aristocrats.

The Scottish culture and royal treatment coupled with the brilliant highland landscape will make this a memorable holiday.

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