World's Talents Project 


UUCL is designed to assist Asian business organisations with strong interest and urgent need for high-end overseas elites, to introduce leading personnel for them. 

UUCL has British business resources and operational advantages, as well as years of accumulation of the information network about British professionals in different fields. Our customers and us agreed to jointly develop the project under the premise of our complementary advantages. Based on a series of Sino-British communication activities, together with relevant information sharing and publicity, we will exhibit our customer's investment and preferential policies to the Chinese professtionals in the UK with potential demand to attract them to settle in our customer's business organisation. UUCL will make full use of our resources about referral leader of the professionals and innovative entrepreneurial projects, in order to further expand the channels of overseas recruitment for our customers.

UUCL's main responsibilities in this project include:

  1. Maintain contact with Chinese specialists in British industries and the British enterprises to introduce our customer's talent and investment policies and answer questions; organising on-site visits for the Chinese and business representatives who are interested in the customer's business organisation.
  2. Contact the relevant British government apartments and NGO organisations to arrange communication activities with our customers, mutual visiting and collaboration afterwards.
  3. Assist customers in British organising recruitment events, as well as all the logistic service for our customer group who come to the UK.
  4. Establish of British talent information station or recruitment platform.
  5. The design, production and promotion of the bilingual (Chinese and English) promotional materials (electronic and printed).
  6. Coordinate the management of the British talent information station and recruitment workstations.
  7. Follow-up related work for customers to continue recruiting the desired talent and contacting  relevant British enterprises.
  8. Through various effective methods, to promote the British enterprises and Chinese professionals in Britain to settle in specific business organisations.

UUCL, Catchpell House Business Centre, Bernard Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6SP, UK
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