Scottish Barons

——The only hereditary nobility title eligible for independent trading

 Suggested price :£100,000


A barony was once an estate of land held by the Crown, with a charter erecting the land into a barony and recorded in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland. Historically, the monarch used barony titles to secure the allegiance of a powerful subject and to help maintain public order, as barons held their own courts until the mid-18th century.

Recent changes to ancient feudal law, under the Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Scotland) Act 2000, have meant that Scottish barony titles are no longer attached to the lands that they once came with. As a result, some Scottish peers with spare barony titles are selling them on – and those with the funds can buy themselves the right to be a bona fide Baron.The legislation, which came into force in late 2004, preserves the heraldic rights of barons and the title can be sold on or left to someone in a will. 

Benefits for the family

  1. People with any nationalities have the right to purchase a title (not limitation to British)
  2. Your wife and children will also have their own titles. Assuming you are titled as Baron of Fife, your wife would be the Baroness of Fife, your son would be the Younger of Fife and your daughter would also have a Lady title. All of these titles will be, in accordance with the law, on your passport, driver's license, credit cards and other identification documents, showing your aristocratic class during business, travelling and education.
  3. The hereditary Baron title would normally be inherited by the eldest son of every generation of family, but also can be assigned by the Baron among the descendants of inheritance.
  4. The title is the basic prerequisite for all the royal gathering. You and your family will be free to participate in royal house parties around the world.
  5. At the same time, you can also apply for a family badge. Your own unique family badge can be used as your company's logo, personal or business letterhead letter, family exclusive jewellery and real estate brands.

UUCL will arrange a professional lawyer to assist the purchase process:

  1. After confirming the date of purchase, completion of the purchase contract would be achieved in 4 to 6 weeks;
  2. With assistance of a professional lawyer and required proof of identity, customer would pay the deposit first; 
  3. After our lawyer gets the title contract and reaches the final agreement with the original owner of the title, it is time for our customer to pay the full cost.
  4. The lawyer would inform Baronage of Scotland to ensure that the department re-registers the feudal barony and saves your personal information.
  5. Once your title information has been updated by the Baronage of Scotland, you will officially have a permanent hereditary Baron title.

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