British Education & Immigration Project


Edinburgh School of English

  1. Located in the world historical and cultural city- Edinburgh.
  2. IELTS classes and advanced English classes without any admission requirements.
  3. Small-scale classes, bilingual instructors and communication with international students
  4. Accommodation is safe and comfortable, including student dormitories and British families
  5. Assistance in getting enrolled with the top Scottish private schools or Britain universities.

British Independent school

British Independent schools, especially boarding schools are well known for its high-quality education. Usually each class only has 6 to 12 students,with a personal mentor for each student. The school has a strict regulations about timing for students. During classes, the teacher will encourage students to express their opinions freely.Facilities of British boarding schools are well equipped, usually with indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and golf courses etc, and some even with equestrian courses.

Introduction to the Advantages of Studying in British Private Schools

  1. As we all know, the public security in the UK is much better than that in the United States, which providing a unique cultural atmosphere and secure environment  for all students. At the same time, the United Kingdom provide international students with free medical services, with each student registered in the local GP, which lets the parents release all their worries.Getting enrolled with private schools will also obtain a complete system protecting the safety of students.
  2. The United Kingdom is the birthplace of English, enabling international students who study here not only to enjoy the British diversified education but also to improve their English communication skills with the perfect atmosphere. 
  3. Britain is a country with a long history, where students can fully experience the British culture and art such as theatres and literature and personally enjoy the British comfortable living environment and natural scenery. As a pluralistic country, there is no discrimination about races or religions in the UK. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that primary and secondary students enjoy free access to all museums and exhibitions in the UK, which gives children a better understanding of history, culture, technology and art. At the same time, private schools also often organise students to visit museums and other attractions, combining entertainment and studying.
  4. Young students with a British student visa can enjoy the most convenient transportation in the UK and go to European countries through the European star, aircraft and cruise. Schools also often organise summer camps to Europe, North America and Australia, which is a good opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and plan their future studies.
  5. Cultivate the advanced ideas of Western countries and also develop an independence. Most young students will get rid of their possible improprieties as being lazy and lack of punctuality etc. It is a great opportunity to improve the perseverance and independence of the children, beneficial for cultivating tenacious quality.

World's known Universities

Good academic performance while studying at a British private school basically would guarantee an offer from the world's known Universities e.g. the University of Cambridge or Oxford. All parents wish their children can enter the top universities such Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Yale, which might to incredibly difficult in China. However, in the UK, most of the qualified private schools have their graduates in these world's top universities, which is undoubtedly the access to future success.


People who have lived in the United Kingdom for ten year are entitled the right to apply for permanent residency. Many parents want their children to live abroad and to enjoy the good environment and welfare. Studying in the UK as primary or second school students is the ideal first stage of this long-term plan. If starting form the junior high school, your children would be living in the UK for over ten years after they achieve their bachelor degrees, indicating that your children can obtain permanent residency before they graduate. Considering the immigration policy has been shrinking for years and the immense difficulty for oversea students to get working visas, this is an absolute advantage for your children to get jobs in the UK. If the economic conditions make the situation possible, it is advantageous to send your children abroad as early as possible, indicative of better chance of immigration. At the same time, parents who have accompanied their children for studying for 7 years can also apply permanent residency directly. Therefore, this education immigration project is not only beneficial for the children but for the whole family.

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