British Entrepreneurs Immigration Project


This project is designed to provide customers with a nine-day tour about investment immigration in the UK, consisting of British unique traditions and beautiful natural scenery, including golf, whiskey, castles and manors. Customers will experience the British culture and natural scenery in the journey, tasting 30 years of Scotland brewed whiskey, visiting traditional castles and manors and enjoying elegant aristocratic life in a classical European manor built in 1666. Together with the British scenery, local customs and aristocratic luxury life, customers can know about real estate investment, immigration, child education in the UK thoroughly during the tour.

Highlights of this project:

  1. Classical manor accommodation 
  2. British real estate investment investigation
  3. Immigration-related lectures
  4. Experiencing British traditional education of private schools
  5. Golfing
  6. Professional Scottish whisky tasting 

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