Estate Investment Management

UUCL staff are bilingual professionals in finance, law, estate management. They have successfully purchased and managed various properties in the UK on behalf of some overseas, particularly those from Asia. The company provides a series of estate investment and management service from those seeking an ideal property to the final point of purchasing the property.

Thanks to its business development strategy and word-of-mouth recommendations from the previous clients, today UUCL, on behalf of some Asian consortiums, is expanding its business into commercial estate investment and management, e.g. B&B, castle, farm, lake and island purchase and management.

Purchase process:

Step 1: booking a viewing of the property

Please contact UUCL by phone, e-mail, fax or mail, etc. We could arrange international trips and viewing properties for our customers.

Step 2: housing assessment

For customers who are interested, UUCL will provide a professional housing assessment report and a business investment report on the property.

Step 3: international transaction

UUCL will help you with completing international transaction, avoiding unnecessary cost and tax optimization.

Step 4: purchase

UUCL will provide a series of professional services about legalities on estate trading, to complete the relevant purchase procedures. The process normally takes about 3-6 months.

Step 5: After-Sales Service

Based on the request of the purchaser, UUCL can help with the completion of the estate decoration and the relevant work of marketing, including:

  1. Apartment and office rental management;
  2. Hypothecate existing real estate;
  3. Bank financing;
  4. Immigration procedures;
  5. Assisting customers in the procedures of their children enrolling with local private schools. 

For sale:


Aristocratic Castle of 16th Century in Edinburgh

Sample Cases

Scottish Baron Titles

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