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The world's best apartment - Humanitas Apartments for Life in Rotterdam

Apartments for life in the Netherlands has a globally high reputation for senior housing. Professor Hans Becker, the founder of this unique elder care project,  was recently dubbed a “maverick” who is transforming retirement living by the Financial Times. Humanitas Apartment for life project was set up by Prof. Hans Becker in the 1990s as the first hotel-style elder care project, with tens of thousand people living in these apartments nowadays. 

Dr. Becker’s Apartments for Life are based on four core beliefs: (1) “Be your own boss”, which empowers residents to make decisions for themselves; (2) “Use it or lose it”, which encourages residents to remain physically and mentally active; (3) “Extended family approach”, which eliminates the divide between residents and care providers by involving residents in daily work; and a (4) “Culture of yes” where staff do their best to agree to any new idea, proposal, or request from a resident.

The Apartments for Life approach leads to a mix of individuals needing a variety of levels of care from apartment to apartment. The residents retain their ability to stay surrounded by familiar belongings and neighbors, not to mention enjoying continuity of the same care staff. This continuity alleviates the fear and stigma that has been observed in Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), where residents can experience anxiety about entering areas of facilities where individuals with mental and physical disabilities are clustered together. Also, this article points to the specific benefits of this approach for married couples, since the provision of assisted living and nursing home care in the same apartment means that couples can continue living together for longer than in other models of senior living.

Modern elderly community-Bethanie

Bethanie is a well-known local elderly community in the Netherlands. The community has flats of one or two bedrooms with a living room for standard service, half -nursing, nursing, dementia caring and dying man caring. High-tech information management fully covers this community, providing the timely updated information about the elders. Moreover, the community is equipped with private doctors, nursery school, kindergarten, church, swimming pool and meeting rooms.

The on-site study of the elderly community enable our customers to fully understand a variety of integrated operating modes and modern management system.

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