Golf Student Camp


This student camp exclusively combines English training and youth golf basic training together, together with British royalty etiquette training. Students would also visit nine famous universities within the UK. The trip contains nine days of English learning and golf training and nine days of British universities and cultural experience.

In this project, UUCL's main responsibilities include:
1. Coordinate the communication between the Chinese student groups and the British English school as well as golf training centre.
2. Assist in designing activities.
3. Ensure that activities are carried out as planned.
4. Responsible for all activities and logistic services for Chinese student groups in the UK, such as arranging cultural experience projects throughout the UK, providing visa documents, domestic air tickets, vehicles, tour guides, translators, food and accommodation during the summer and winter camps.

Training focus

1. The standard British English language advanced training, including lectures, seminars and group studies, one to one personalized training, aim for strengthening students in various occasions with the skills of expressing themselves in English. 

2. With a professional team of tutors selected byProfessional Golf Association (PGA), we will provide the most advanced golf software and technical support, the world's most professional and considerate personalized club service and professional golf training courses for all the students. The training allows the students to feel the golf culture and to improve the golfing skills in the birthplace of golf, with cultivation of the British aristocratic demeanor at the same time.

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