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Distinguishable Service

UUCL is not only experienced in conventional UK sightseeing services, but also is the leader in the field of tailored tourism (including golf, whiskey, castles, antiques, skiing, etc.). The advantages and characteristics of our company can be reflected individually during our services.


Since 2005, UUCL has gained years of experience and developed cooperative relationships with major chain car rental companies in the United Kingdom. We provide cars with commercial operating insurance and 24-hour troubleshooting services. We can even provide service of replacing the vehicle within one hour to ensure that at any time, anywhere in the UK, if there is a problem we will solve it in the shortest time and not affect the schedule of the tour. 


UUCL has developed partnerships with of more than 100 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels in the UK, including classical and modern buildings, located in the city or sea / lake / golf area, to meet all the requirements of different customers. In addition, we also have long-term cooperative relationship with the Marriott, Mike Tangle, Hilton chain hotels all over the UK. The most distinguishable feature of the UUCL accommodation service is our partnership with many local aristocratic castles and some imperial royal estates, to provide our customers with a unique experience of the British aristocratic life.

Tour Guides

All of the drivers and tour guides of UUCL have the legal right to work in the UK as professionals. Each of our tour guides is confirmed by the HR Department to have at least 3 years of experience, to ensure that we can provide our best service and try to meet all the requirements of our customers.

7/24 Logistics Services

The headquarters of UUCL provides 7 /24  logistics support.


According to different types of tour groups, we offer affordable, mid-range and high-end dinners and buffets. Moreover, UUCL has partnerships with many Michelin restaurants and some special restaurants in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to assure that our customers can experience the most cost-effective British cuisine during travelling.

At the same time UUCL is a member of the Scottish Whiskey Association, therefore we can provide our customers with the membership, including special British dinners and a variety of whiskey.

100% Guaranteed Service Quality

UUCL professional team with a cautious working attitude ensure that we will give our customers our best service. Although the situation of actual service being worse than the standard in the contract has never happened, we still promise that if this happens due to our own working mistakes, a full refund would be made to compensate our customers .


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