International Project Management

UUCL is well-known for providing exceptionally professional service for organisations and individuals all over the world, particularly in the UK and Asia-Pacific. 

Estate Investment Management

UUCL provides a series of estate investment and management service from those seeking an ideal property to the final point of purchasing the property. Our staff are bilingual professionals in finance, law, estate management. 

Antiques Trade

UUCL provides service of verbal description and evaluation of antiques, together with advertising and trade. UUCL’s experienced philatelic and antique specialists are confident of providing exact market value of your oriental collections. Evaluation trips are regularly made by UUCL’s valuation team throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

Holiday and Tour Event

UUCL, is an expert in providing traditional UK sightseeing tours, and also is a specialist in organizing tailored VIP holiday and tour events including golf, whisky, castle, antique,ski, etc packages.

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