Sino-Britain Business Cooperation and Communication


The project aims to assist the business organisations from the Far East to exchange information with potential European investors and partners to promote Chinese financial markets.

Our cooperative financial institutions cover Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Germany etc.

The development of the European Economic Community has promoted the European financial organisations which transferred from sporadic individual integrations into a more complete interactive entirety. Their visions on development has been also constantly widening in recent years. China, as the Far East's largest and most promising one of the financial markets, has a pivotal influence on the European economy. The impressive performance of Chinese financial markets during the global economic crisis has laid a good foundation for this project .

UUCL's main duties in this project include:

1. Assisting the Chinese group in designing plans for communication activities;
2. To ensure that the communication activities are carried out as planned;
3. Responsible for all business and daily services for the Chinese group in the UK, such as vehicles, domestic flights, board and lodging, Chinese-English translation and so on.

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