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Castle of Eton

This aristocratic castle from the 19th century, with a long history, is located in the suburbs of Edinburgh, 50 minutes driving distance. It is only 3 km away from the coast of Berwick, surrounded by beautiful idyllic coast.

This castle is widely considered as the best Baronian style building in Scotland, designed by Jimmy Gillespie- a Scottish famous Gothic revivalist from the 19th century. Castle and its surrounding area of ​​640,000 square meters, with the British idyllic scenery, has convenient traffic and ancillary facilities. In addition to the main castle castle, there are also four mansions, two work houses, a traditional stone courtyard (with two apartments) and other ancillary buildings.

  1. The castle has two floors, and a five-story tower. There are 17 bedrooms, 7 reception rooms, 9 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, billiard room, study room, office area and a separate butler apartment in this castle.
  2. Half of the land serves as garden, and the other half as pasture, available for hunting, fishing, grazing and other activities
  3. With the license of a wedding venue, the lobby can accommodate 40 guests and tents can be built on lawn to accommodate more for events. 
  4. This property has the potential to transform into a five-star resort hotel.
  5. Permanent property rights

Scottish Resort Castle with Hereditary Earl Title

The castle was bought in 1565 by the Carnegie family, who later became Earls of Northesk. In recent years the castle has been carefully restored. It has evolved over the centuries from its ancient beginnings and, with its wings and towers, forms a magnificent residence of great character. The title of British Earl comes together with permanent property right of this castle. Adjacent to Scotland's most charming Lunan Bay of Angus Coast, it takes two hours to drive from Edinburgh to this property. This property also has a high reputation about holding weddings and film shooting. Activities like golf and hunting are available near this property.

  1. This 14th century manor, with a long history, has not only been favoured by the royalties but also by other celebrities such as Scottish writer Walter Scott.
  2. This  manor is located on the east coast of central Scotland, surrounded by undulating hills, the vast North Sea, beautiful scenery, perfect for a tourist resort.
  3. The interior is classical and luxurious, representing typical British aristocratic style. The manor contains two floors, with 8 reception rooms, 12 bedrooms, deluxe dining room, comfortable living room, meeting room/dancing hall, entertaining room, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, racecourse, private garden, solarium, pavilion, fountain, flower house and small ranch.
  4. Ideal for private holiday business, with licenses for commercial events such as holiday accommodation and weddings.

King's Island in Scotland, Gaelic Eilean Righ

This private island located on the west coast of Scotland, is away from the hustle of cities. With about 1.1 million square meters of beautiful land, owners would have permanent property right and be surrounded by the unique scenery. There are dock, observatory, helipad, houseboat, beach and two real estate on this island.

Located on the Argyll coast, this island has convenient access to Glasgow City. Although it is a private island in the North Sea, it is one of the most easily accessible islands in Scotland. Infrastructure and housing have been completely refurbished to the highest standards.

  1. There are two properties on the island with spacious rooms. One of the houses contains 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a license for extension and the other house contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  2. The helipad is of approximately 500 square meters.
  3. The island is equipped with observatory, houseboat, 2 berths, 1 pier, electricity and high speed broadband.
  4. With romantic beaches, this island is perfect for sea fishing, sailing, seaside diving and pearl collection etc.
  5. There are 7 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, 5 bathrooms, solarium, gardens, perfect for holiday accommodation.

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