Tailored Tour

UUCL offers the ultimate in customer-tailored service to its discerning clients, where  every facet of your stay, from the moment of your arrival will be taken care of by our dedicated team of travel specialists.

UUCL caters for demanding parties from around the world, who expect and receive VIP service during their stay. The VIP traveller can be pressed for time. This often leads to rescheduling itinerary and certain activities, UUCL’s staff  are sophisticated with handling emergencies and any unforeseen requests. By working closely with its numerous suppliers throughout the various industries, UUCL is confident of delivering whatever the guest requires, even at very short notice.

In the past UUCL has organised the followings for guests:

  1. For an exclusively shopping event in some of the world’s most famous fashion brand store in London and Edinburgh.

  2. Private whisky tasting party.

  3. For a suit maker to come to the estate to measure and make a suit within 36 hours.

  4. Organised a private viewing of a famous antique collection that is not open to the public.

  5. Arranged a private visit to a noble family in a castle and lunch with the owner.

  6. Helicopter tour of London and the Scottish Highlands.

UUCL relishes the various challenge of making your dreams come true and calls upon years of experience in making things happen.

UUCL is proud to serve some of the world's most discerning families, executives and celebrities and highly respects all clients’ privacy.

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