British Royal Etiquette Training Project


This project aims to set up a cultural communication and to organise the etiquette course for Chinese customers.

In this program, UUCL's main responsibilities are:

  1. To coordinate the communication between the Chinese customers and the British training association
  2. Assist in admission;
  3. To ensure that training courses and culture-experiencing schedule are carried out as planned;
  4. Responsible for all the business and life services for the Chinese group in the UK, such as transportation, accommodation, translators during the training

The training courses include:

  1. Social etiquette;
  2. Dining etiquette;
  3. Manners training;
  4. Table art design;
  5. Leadership;
  6. Public speaking training;
  7. Family party planning training;
  8. Character education;
  9. Online communication etiquette training
  10. Golf training

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